August 24, 2013

ADHD and Diabetes - Horse Puckey!

Okay. I've had it. Time for a rant.

I have HAD IT with these 'scientist' mumbo-jumbo medical establishment fakers. HAD IT! I'M FED UP! A bunch of liars, reclining in their Big Pharma funded laboratories.

Listen: I don't believe in that thing they call diabetes. And nor should you. It's fake. Just a bunch of lazy-ass attention-seekers who don't try hard enough to appropriately regulate their blood glucose levels with the hormone insulin. Regulate it, you losers! Simply buckle down, spend a little energy getting your pancreas creating insulin a teensy-weensy more responsibly, stop pigging out on junk food with high carbohydrate levels and quit bitching so much.

Honestly. Like we don't all have the same problems...  We all suffer from low blood sugar at times. Right? Does that mean we all have diabetes? NOOO! What makes them so special? "OH I'M SO SPECIAL WAH WAH WAH."

Know this - diabetes is a made-up disorder, perpetuated by Big Pharma, and the totalitarian drug-pushing medical establishment who ignore the wisdom of our elders - exercise, morals, strength of pancreas and character. Insulin enslaves our youth, and alters their personalities so that their brain has appropriately regulated levels of glucose and so that their organs and CNS are not adversely affected, causing everything from wound-healing problems to amputation, organ failure, and death.

But big deal. As if we all don't have those problems. Everyone feels a little tired. Who hasn't collapsed in a coma after a hard day of work? Again, all I hear is "WAH WAH WAH I'M A WITTLE TINY BABY AND MY PANCREAS CAN'T PRODUCE ENOUGH OF MY OWN INSULIN WAH WAH GIMME A COOKIE".

This sort of preferential treatment, and pandering to special interest groups gets me so hot under the collar. I could go on, but spread this message: diabetes is fake. Don't let some 'scientist' scam-artists rob our children and adults of ill-health and poor functioning by pushing drugs (edit: I meant 'rob our children and adults of *good-health and normal functioning*... ').

Here is a little known fact, based on my EXTENSIVE research of these evil drug companies. Did you know that some insulin is OBTAINED FROM PIGS? Pigs - who  sit around in mud and who many religions forbid us from eating. Think about it. Is pig insulin EVER mentioned in any holy text, or ancient document? No? Well, the ancients knew something that many people don't know today: PIG INSULIN IS BAD. Plus, have you ever wondered why the big media are trying to expose our children to tv shows showing pigs? Programs like Olivia (about a friendly pig), or Sesame Street (which tries to make it out that pigs are fun, and are okay to play with Grover, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and the rest of them). You guessed it! It's because Big (pig?) Pharma wants to sell you insulin.

And Big Pharma is owned by the same people who own Big Media (hence the Sesame Street connection).

And may I remind you that pigs lay about in mud, and that mud contains so many pathogenic organisms that I can't even begin to list them. Just another reminder, I suppose, of the degeneracy of this 'diabetes-generation' who refuse to eat properly, and play video games all day long.

I'm getting tired just thinking about all of this. You know?

You know, as I write this, I'm reminded of that fake ADHD thing, also.

C'mon. Who doesn't get a little distracted? Full of energy? Impulsive? Encumbered by executive function deficits? Now THERE'S a classic example of lazy fakers pretending that they have neurobiological differences in their brains' basal ganglia components – the caudate, putamen, and globus pallidus – which researchers say present statistically significant consistently diminished volumetric measurement results. They just sit around all day, acting entitled, distracted, holier-than-thou, and unable to establish effective executive function activity due - or so those 'scientists' (big pharna drones) say - in part, and related to decreased right caudate volumes, and reversed caudate asymmetry, i.e., not the typical right-left caudate relationship. In addition, apparently these biased bullcrap and horse puckey studies noted a decreased volume of the putamen, reversed putamen asymmetry, and decreased volume of the right globus pallidus.

Yeah. Sure. And AS IF consistent evidence for a genetic association to the ADHD phenotype (note that genetic researchers like to make things up and are obviously geeks don't know how to relate to real people with strong moral values like hard work, etc... ) has been shown for markers in the DA (that's dopamine to you and me, reminding me that the researchers are a bunch of dope-fiends, undoubtedly) receptor D4 (DRD4), DA receptor D5 (DRD5), DA transporter (SLC6A3/DAT1), serotonin receptor 1B (HTR1B), serotonin transporter (SLC6A4/5HTT), and synaptosomal-associated protein 25 (SNAP-25) genes.

"SNAP"? Couldn't they think up something a little more original? Fakers. I bet that they also think Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually landed on the moon.

Blah, blah, blah. Be careful. They'll try to convince you that a variety of brain subregions including the frontal and parietal cortexes, basal ganglia, cerebellum, hippocampus, and corpus callosum were found to be affected in ADHD.

Diffuse striatal connection abnormalities? Horse-puckey! Did your grandparents ramble on about functional MRI studies in children and adolescents with ADHD showing decreased connectivity in fronto-striato-parieto-cerebellar networks? No! Because they had strength of character. They were REAL. Salt of the earth.

Did Churchill, or Patton babble on about this connectivity being shown to be normalized by methylphenidate except in the parieto-cerebrellar functional circuit? No. Because they had responsibilities and decency and character and forbearance and worked hard and didn't whine all day long like a bunch of babies. They just worked harder.

Imagine someone saying that imaging techniques have pointed at three areas closely related to the basal ganglia, believed to be responsible for the symptoms of ADHD, the prefrontal cortex (part of the frontal lobe), the caudate nucleus (part of the basal ganglia), and the globus pallidus (part of the basal ganglia). Well. There's just one, uh, TEENSY WEENSY problem. How do you take someone's brain, take an image of it, and put it back into their skulls afterwards WITHOUT ANY ILL EFFECTS? YOU CAN'T! THAT'S JUST IT! ALL THIS RESEARCH IS PREDICATED ON A LIE - that living brains can be removed for study without killing the patients. Right? Are you following me still?

Listen. I could go on with this rant, but I've got things to do. I'm in the midst of a house move and need to find my ADHD medication.

Rant over.

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