April 30, 2013

Keep Calm and Take Vyvanse

This is the shortest blog post I have ever written. Please enjoy the epigrammatic and succinct composition of the accompanying image.


  1. You make me laugh.

    It also reminds me of the ADHD 'conflict' - as it were...I am impulsive and forgetful, and the treatment is to keep calm and remember to take my pills. Oh the irony!

    That's why it's good to laugh :)

  2. I've got an alarm for my morning dose, and 3 alarms for my noon dose - and I have a snooze function (all on my Android). The snooze function is good because otherwise, I'd just turn the alarm off and forget. This way I can just press 'snooze' and in 10 minutes they go off again.

    The issue I have is remembering to take the capsule with me for the noon dose - because when I did that last time, the capsule broke apart in my pocket. And I don't really carry a big bag with me everywhere. So yesterday I ordered an aluminum screw-cap pill container from ebay for thirteen cents, free shipping. This way, I can even tie it around my neck, or keep it in my pocket, and not worry about it being squished.

    Hope all's well Nicole!


    Mungo / Simon


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