July 2, 2010

Twitter Posting Roundup from @MungosADHD

Here is a roundup of my most recent Twitter posts from @MungosADHD.com:

  • Comorbidity is a Big Word: Hang in There | ADDaboy! - HealthyPlace ow.ly/23Emp
  • #ADHD New Blog Post: I Will Catch Up With Strattera Updates - Nature in the Meantime ow.ly/17THOL
  • 7 Common Flashpoints for Spouses of ADDers ow.ly/23Ig4
  • ADD'ing it all up: selective integration. ow.ly/23eV3
  • ADHD Roller Coaster: "Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?&quo t; · "Everything You Want Releases Dopamine…" ow.ly/23eX9
  • TotallyADD.com: What to say when someone dismisses your ADHD ow.ly/23us9
  • What meds do and don't do... - ADDer World Anything and Everything ADHD ow.ly/230FQ
  • It's my 40th birthday! Yayyy!!!
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com Life is difficult for the organizationally impaired!
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com Tip: Schedule phone call return times in daily work calendar.
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com Use PERT analysis (Google it) to help get a sense of how long a scary project / task will take.
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com PERT method: make Optimistic estimate, Pessimistic & Likely. Then do (O + (4*L) + P)/6 = reliable estimate.
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com Memory problems aren't unique to ADHDers but are compounded by the associated deficits.
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com Carry a notepad & pen to help you to remember & prioritize tasks. Keep a seperate section just for notes.
  • Flooded With Thoughts | Jeff's A.D.D. Mind - ow.ly/23SqE
  • #ADHD New Blog Post: Day 19 to Day 25 - Upped my Strattera Dosage, and the Difference Between PWOP and PWIP ow.ly/17UosY
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com Aim for PWIP (Productivity WIth Priority) rather the trap of #ADHD PWOP (Productivity WithOut Priority)!
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com I wish I had known about this 30 years ago, that I have ADHD. Ah well, new meaning can flow retroactively.
  • #ADHD MungosADHD.com Hypothesis: Camping eases ADHD symptoms. Mine, anyway: MungoSaysBah.com is my camping blog...
  • Borderline Personality Disorder: Mental Illness on Rise? - TIME ow.ly/24ul1
  • Redefining Crazy: Researchers Revise the 'DSM' - TIME ow.ly/24urK
  • #ADHD New Blog Post: Day 27 on Strattera - People Sure Are Forgetful & Meaning Flowing Retroactively & a PWIP Tattoo ow.ly/17VFXL
  • ADHD Roller Coaster: "Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?" · School Daze, School Daze, Report Cards and All ow.ly/250Nn



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